Land management and timber harvesting plans for East Texas land.

Establish Goals for the Future of Your Property

We'll help you create a land management plan in East Texas

One of the best ways to manage your timber is through the creation of a land management plan. Timberline Forestry will help you establish good land stewardship through the development of a 10-year course of action. We’ll outline step-by-step measures to enable you to meet the goals and objectives established for your East Texas property. Actively managed timberland provides more resources and benefits, such as cleaner air and water, than unmanaged land. Contact Timberline Forestry today to schedule a consultation about creating a land management plan in for your East Texas land.

We'll tailor a plan to your goals and needs

Each timber stand is different and has its own management needs. Timberline Forestry will discuss a variety of options that area ideal for your particular tract of land, including:


  • Prescribed burning
  • Planting
  • Thinning
  • Fertilization
  • Pruning
  • Competition control
  • Regeneration harvests







We’re ready to help you promote healthy growth on your property. Call 903-796-1203 today to begin working on your land management plan. We service the East Texas, Atlanta, TX, Tyler, Texarkana and Shreveport area.