Tree thinning and harvesting in East Texas

Maintain Growth While Harvesting Timber

Schedule selective tree thinning services in East Texas

Do you have a tract of land that's thick with trees? Are you looking to increase your overall timber yield? Timberline Forestry provides selective tree thinning services to increase your property’s growth potential. We’ll harvest trees that are suppressed, diseased or forked in order to promote growth on an overstocked, immature timber stand.

We’re committed to implementing Best Management Practices (BMP) during any harvest activity we undertake. By removing some of the trees on your property and harvesting them for timber, you can sell a portion of the timber while increasing your overall yield.

Call 903-796-1203 today to learn how selective tree thinning can promote growth on your East Texas, Atlanta, Tyler, TX, Texarkana and Shreveport area property.

Make the most out of your property's timber

Selective thinning of a stand of timber will provide you with periodic income and allow your remaining trees to thrive and grow larger. We’ll help you determine the best action for your property, such as:


  • Using or selling the trees that would otherwise die or decay
  • Redistributing the growth to fewer trees of higher quality
  • Increasing your profitability by reducing the standing volume







The money you earn from tree thinning can also be used to pay off investments or go toward reforestation and property improvements. Contact Timberline Forestry to develop a land management plan for your overcrowded plot of timber in East Texas.

We service the East Texas, Tyler, Atlanta, TX, Texarkana and Shreveport area.