Total timber harvesting in East Texas while protecting the environment. Timberline Forestry out of Atlanta, TX does a fantastic job.

Harvest Your Trees Without Destroying the Ecosystem in East Texas

We incorporate land management within our timber harvesting

When you are interested in clear-cutting your property, there’s a method to the madness. While logging the timber in an area involves uniformly cutting down all the trees in an area, Timberline Forestry implements a Best Management Practices (BMP) approach during the harvest activity. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable forest ecosystem through site preparation and replanting.

We’ll work to promote select species of trees that require an abundance of sunlight or grow in even-age plots of timber. Plan for your land’s future by scheduling timber harvesting services with Timberline Forestry in the Atlanta, TX area.

We'll maintain the integrity of your property

When your timber has been in the family for generations, you need someone you can trust to take care of the wood and property. We provide timber harvesting services in a way that is beneficial to the tract of land, including:


  • Preparing the site for replanting
  • Taking care of replanting
  • Thinning out selective timber







We want to be sure timber continues to thrive on your tract of land in East Texas. We also work with Streamside Management Zones (SMZ) to maintain water quality in the area.

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