Discover the Value of Your Property

Discover the Value of Your Property

We provide timber appraisals in the Atlanta, Texarkana and Shreveport

Are you curious about the value of your land? Do you need help selling your trees? Timberline Forestry offers land and timber appraisals so you can create a land management plan to sell your timber. We’re available to answer your questions and to determine the best course of action.

Did you know that landowners who consult with a forester typically get a higher return from their timber sale? We’ll help you find a tax expert to determine the tax value of your property.
Looking to Buy Timer?
Looking to Sell Timber?

Our timber experts will examine your land at no cost or obligation to you. We’ll consult with you about your property and help you determine the best plan to accomplish your goals. We offer fair market value for your land or timber based on current wood and lumber supplies and demand. Call 903-796-1203 today to get a timber appraisal in East Texas, Tyler, Atlanta, TX, Texarkana and Shreveport area.

Selling Timber in East Texas

Fair timber prices at fair market value

Our team of skilled forestry professionals will look at your land and let you know what you can expect from the market. We’ll assess your property based on a variety of criteria, including:


  • Timber quality – The species, size and health of your trees
  • Harvest amount – The amount you are able to sell
  • Site condition – The distance from your site to the road, as well as the slope and soil stability







We’ll also look at state and local timber harvesting laws, which dictate what types of equipment can be used. You don’t want to endanger a protected plant or animal, so it’s important to be aware of regulations that govern your property.
One of the primary forests we work in the the Piney Woods area!

Contact Timberline Forestry today to take the first steps toward selling timber from your East Texas property.